Day 1-Pet’s Perspective

Day 1-Describe yourself from your pet’s perspective


My human wakes up very early in the mornings before my other taller, more hairy human wakes. It is my job to make sure she wakes up on time so I always wake her up right before her tiny machines makes the loud noises that scare me. I do this by ripping open drawers and pulling out socks, knocking things over or crying very loudly. It depends on my mood. She goes out into the kitchen and this is always the best time to beg for treats. If I am very good and give her lots of rubs on her legs almost always, sometimes I get two treats. Then she goes out the door and stays there for a very long time. I don’t know where she goes. The other human stays with me for most of the day so I must passively aggressively cuddle with him while she is away. While she is gone it is my job to take lots of naps and wait for her patiently.

 When she comes back, sometimes her feet are wet and they have a very strong smell. So I have to rub her again to make sure the smell goes away. My human calls this smell “chloor-een”, whatever that means. When she comes back inside during the day, sometimes she will get on a weird looking seat that has two wheels and attaches to a machine. It goes around and around and around in circles, sometimes for hours. I get very bored when she does this. I have to distract her sometimes by giving her more rubs or sitting on the small picture box so she knows I care. When she finishes going around and around in circles, I lick the saltiness off her face and give her kisses. Other times she will go back out the door again with special shoes and tight clothes. Sometimes she is also gone for more hours but she comes back with hundreds of smells. I can smell other animals and smells that come through the window on the breeze. She has more saltiness on her face which I must also lick off. Then she leaves again for more hours. I miss her when she goes back out the door. She must miss me too, just sitting out there, waiting to come back in and play with me.

My favorite time of day is when she comes back through the door again later in the day. This means I get the best food in the whole, wide world. It is in this metal circle thing that I could never open. If she ever forgets, I have to remind her when it’s dinner time. My sister and I have to fight over who gets the best bowl with the most gravy. I usually win. Then I must take a very long bath after we finish eating. Then it is nap time again to prepare for the night’s activities. Right before my humans lay on their big, soft pillow for many hours, my sister and I have to wrestle and run around. We have this battle every night. I almost always win. Sometimes my humans will give us special grass out of a container that makes me feel so good. I like to lick it off the floor and roll around in it. This gives me lots of energy and I have to run around and attack my sister even more. I get very tired from all this running around and so do my humans. 

Our humans get so tired that they have to go lay on their pillow and take the longest nap. This is really when I get started on my most important jobs. I sing my songs of many woes for my human leaving me for the day. I have to cry very loudly and for very long so she knows how much I miss her during the day. Sometimes I have to have a rematch with my sister. We run over the top of the big pillow and the humans so that they know I am still winning. If my humans take their nap for too long, I have to meow in their face so they can give me more rubs. If only they took more naps during the day, they wouldn’t need to sleep at night when I have my most important jobs. 

If my human has given me exactly 7 rubs, 4 treats, the most gravy in my dinner bowl, not too much catnip and is in bed at exactly 9:16 pm, then I will award her with snuggles for approximately 9.75 minutes. 

The Road So Far

This week’s #miniblogmonday is long enough where it needs to be shared via a full blown blog! Last week, the Coeur Sports team reached out to everyone on the team who had qualified for Kona this year to ask us some questions about our journey. One of the questions asked by other curious women was “How fast were you when you first started?” At first, I just mentally pulled up my past results, plugged them in and sent it back to Coeur HQ. But after some reflection and contemplation, guys/gals, I have really come a long way since I first started this journey!

I want to share some numbers with you, not to brag, not in any way shape or form, but to just show you where I started and the progression. The reason I want to share these numbers is to show 1. You (yes you!) can get better! 2. Hard work and time pay off 3. Results do not happen over night 4. I am still improving…This glance back at past results has given me some new found motivation. Sure, I am not where I want to be YET, but dang, I really have come a long way since the beginning!

1st Open half marathon (2011) 2:53.21—->Best open half marathon (2017) 1:33.45 —>Best half Ironman run split time (2017) 1:33.49

1st Olympic Distance triathlon (2012) 3:19.16—->One year later on the same course (2013) 2:39.26—>Best Olympic Distance time (2015) 2:20.10

1st Half Ironman (2012) 6:21.56—->Best Half Ironman (2017) 4:45.07

1st and only open Marathon (2012) 6:29.50—->Best Ironman Marathon time (2019) 3:22.02

1st Ironman (2013) 12:40.22 —->Best Ironman Time (2019) 10:16.23

So fuel your own fire. Find what motivates you to get better. Take a second to look back and see how far you have come. The journey is not always linear so sometimes it helps to reflect a little. If you’re not where you want to be, you can still get there! Keep persevering, keep showing up and don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying! I believe in you and so should you!

And for your viewing pleasure, the journey in photos.

Apparently these keep switching order but they are from Kona 2017, Lavaman 2012, Santa Rosa 2019, New Orleans 70.3 2015, Age Group Nationals 2012, my first sprint triathlon 2009, first Ironman 2013, first World Championships 2014. I’ll let you decide which is which!

To be honest

Life is far from perfect.


After deciding to go all in on turning pro, 3 days later I had a pretty hard fall during a trail run. If you didn’t already see, I was running down a hill and a woman walking her 2 dogs was coming up. In order not to run over the pups, I pulled up short and went down hard. I didn’t think much of it. I immediately dusted myself off, assessed that I had some scrapes and bruises, and kept running. Stupidly, I went for a swim almost immediately after this. I heard a very distinct “POP” in my shoulder while swimming. It was not good.


In denial and hoping things would go away, I didn’t go to the doctor. But after being in constant pain for nearly 2 weeks, I finally went to a physical therapist (Four3 to be exact!). Thankfully, nothing was torn, but my rotator cuff was inflamed. Swimming was definitely off the table for at least 3-4 weeks. Biking hurt, running hurt, sleeping hurt. Everything hurt and it was not something I was used to.


My fragile demeanor shattered. After Kona, my wedding, and starting my job as a Head Coach for a brand new swim program last season, my triathlon off season had been anything from ideal. After coming off such an extreme high, I took some time off from training. After getting back into it, I got more sick than I have been in a really long time. As time went on, I patched together what I could but found myself stressed out, isolated, unmotivated and dare I say it, depressed. I gained weight and was not consistently training.


I think we all suffer from doubt, fear, and lack of motivation even in the pursuit of doing something we really want, love or dream of. In fact, in wanting something SO much we might actually actively do things to prevent those goals from happening due to abject fear of failure. Right when you get to that precipice on the abyss of what you want most, you yank back the reins for fear of falling over and making a fool out of yourself.


My world over the past few months have been some of the toughest to date to get through. It’s terrifying to admit when something is wrong, when we all put on this picture perfect lense of what we think our lives should look like to everyone around us. It may not look like anything is wrong on the surface, but who knows what is going on in someone else’s life or what they are going through. I am guilty of scrolling through other people’s Instagrams and Facebooks, and just finding myself inadequate. So I am here to admit that my life is not perfect, in fact far from it. Why do we feel the need to project this onto ourselves and to others?


There are aspects of my life I absolutely love, and other parts I find myself wishing were different. But don’t we all? The difference is in how you approach your every day life. In the people you choose to surround yourself with. Celebrate the things that you love, foster them, cherish them. Try to improve the things you don’t care for as much. At times, those things might be out of your control and you may need to get the heck out of a situation that is not healthy.


So it is time to change a few things for the better. To appreciate the things that are already pretty great even more. And one of those things I need to change is my outlook on my world in every day life.




2017: Lava Field of Dreams


What up world? How has 2017 been treating you so far? It has been crazy busy so far for me. I realized I need to actually start planning out my summer because there is so much happening! It’s that time in my life where a lot of my friends are starting to get married and I am going to be travelling a whole lot this summer. Oh and I guess I need to start planning my wedding too. Less than 9 months to go! Wait, really? Anyway, here’s a little recap of my 2016 goals and what my plans are for 2017!

Here were my goals for 2016:

  1. Win my age group at Ironman Texas and qualify for Kona (didn’t happen)
  2. Defend my title and win Ironman New Orleans 70.3 (didn’t happen)
  3. Finish in the Top 25 at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships (didn’t happen)
  4. Go to Kona and enjoy the experience (didn’t happen)

But guys, here is what DID happen:

  1. Won my age group at Ironman Louisville and qualified for Kona (booyah!)
  2. Got 3rd place at IM New Orleans 70.3 and qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mooloolaba, Australia! (opportunity of a life time)
  3. Placed 30th and trained through 70.3 World Championships in order to focus on the bigger picture (aka Kona)
  4. Got the opportunity to train for another year for the Big Dance in 2017!

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic year. I wouldn’t have known that as things were unfolding, however, I am happy where things did end up. Goals and dreams may not always happen when you expect them to, or how you expect them to, but if you just keep trying, they will happen.

In 2017, I have some even BIGGER goals. Here they are:

  1. Get in legit Sports Illustrated shape for the world wide famous underpants run in Kona. As my coach said, this is the pinnacle of my 2017 race schedule 😉
  2. Get my pro card. This has been a dream in the making for me for a very long time. Actually since my first triathlon back in 2009! But this year, I want it to become a reality.                                 fullsizerender                                                  A tweet from back in 2009
  3. Place in the top 10 at the Olympic Distance National Championships in Omaha.
  4. Enjoy the experience at Kona but also go in being prepared to kick some serious @$$!
  5. Become a more confident cyclist.




I kind of imagine this year being like the lava fields on Kona. Traveling down the Queen K with endless possibilities stretched out before me. Lava fields will be enveloping me on either side, in every direction, roasting in the sunlight. The heat and wind will be beating me down from all different directions, forcing me to maintain focus until reaching the turnaround at Hawi. Even then, the headwinds can change direction and come rushing back into your face, as you scream down the descent, holding on for dear life. If I run out too far into the Energy Lab, I may get burned or lost out in the abyss. Or there could be an oasis of opportunity on the other side down Palani around the corner. But I have to stay focused in order to reach the final stretch on Alii Drive where my heart will finally sing with infinite joy…