Coast Ride or Bust


So this weekend, I will be riding my bicycle from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. Yes, you read that right, I will be riding over 100 miles a day from the Bay Area to Santa Barbara. And yes, that makes me more than a little insane but I hope you’ve all figured that out by now. Doesn’t mean my bootie is going to hurt any less (sorry this is sort of becoming a reoccurring theme). I’m not going at it alone. I will be riding with my coach and about 30 other people down the coast. The ride is going to be supported by SagMonkey. This company will be providing us with breakfast, water, electrolytes, food and emergency maintenance along the way.

Here are the profiles for what I will be riding over the weekend:

Until the past couple of days, I hadn’t fully wrapped my head around what this actually meant and now I’m sort of freaking out a little bit. The longest ride I have ever done was Death Ride, which was 125 miles and 18,000 feet of climbing. Which is a big day and huge feat, but I’ve never done more than 100 miles more than a day in a row, or consecutively over 2, or even 3 days. I should be fine. I just don’t want to get lost or fall off the side of a cliff into the ocean and be dinner for some wild life in the rocky abyss below.

And it’s going to be absolutely breathtaking. I have driven down part of the 1 to Southern California, but when you’re on a bike you have so much more opportunity to look around and take everything in. It’s going to be a once in a lifetime experience. I’m going to try and set up my GoPro in time so I can film the whole thing. And you can all be envious and then remember what it entails to get those views.

In other news, if you hadn’t already seen, I am officially signed up for the 2014 Olympic Distance National Championships! This year, I qualified at Ironman Lake Tahoe by finishing in the top 10% of my age group. I really want to see the difference in time just from the simple fact that I will be riding on a triathlon bike versus my road bike and that I also have another solid year of training under my belt. My goal is to get as close to a 2:20 Olympic split as possible. Mostly, I want to shave time off the bike split, because that is where I am mainly focusing on right now in my training. It’s not until August 9th, so I still have the whole summer to prepare. This year, my mom will be coming with me to Milwaukee to carry all my supplies and cheer for me. I’m so excited that she gets to come. There are also plans underway for a Lallison/McTones/Babbers Pedal Pub afternoon in the works. After I got finished with the race last year, 2 of my friends who I studied abroad with in Ireland met up with me and we went on a Pedal Pub Tour. We actually got on this contraption with bar that a group of people sit at and everyone has bike pedals and you ride between one bar and another. It was extremely silly and ridiculously fun. And I’m excited to do it again.

Also, lately I’ve been contemplating whether I want to do Lavaman this year. It’s March 30, a mere 29 days after Ironman New Zealand. As much as I love the race, and am dying to do it again, I think it is time to back off my training and have a little breathing room. It also might not be enough time to recover and have the kind of race that I would want. I just want to go to Pilates if I feel like it, run 3 miles and be done, go drinking with my friends and not have to worry about getting up for a 100 mile bike ride the next day. Most importantly, I want to fall in love again with training for triathlons. Even though I’m in an extremely better place that I was over the past couple of weeks, my “A” race this year is going to be Ironman Lake Tahoe in late September where the ultimate goal is to qualify for Kona. If I don’t take this time off now, or at least cut back for a few weeks post Ironman New Zealand, I am going to be jumping right back into the main triathlon season with no real break. If I were to qualify in Tahoe, I would really want to be pushing my nose to the grindstone until the following October 2015. That is so far away. Just a thought for now, no decisions have been made yet.

But things seem to be taking quite a turn for the better very recently. It is funny how sometimes just one thing can make everything else in life seem more exciting. I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out. So cheers to 2014!


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