This is Not Where the Magic is Going to Happen


Today I officially got my race number for Ironman New Zealand, lucky 309!!! (Check F2529). I always say my number is lucky as I am sure many people do. It’s officially 24 days until the race and 15 days until I leave for glorious New Zealand and the kiwis!

As the homestretch approaches, I had a talk with my coach, Chris Hauth. I just haven’t been able to completely shake this feeling of overwhelming burn out. So last week, I sent him an email begging him to let me have some time off post Ironman New Zealand. I thought I could take a little time off, then slowly get back into things, focus on speed work, strength training, then build into the main triathlon season.

His reply in some ways was exactly what I wanted to hear and the worst possible thing he could have said at the same time. This sums up what he said:

  • I get to take 2 WHOLE, ENTIRE weeks off after Ironman New Zealand.

I was about to stay in New Zealand infinitely just so that I didn’t have to get back on my bike for another round of 5+ hour rides for the next 6 months until Ironman Lake Tahoe. Seriously, I was that desperate.

  • It is completely normal to feel like this.

As in all things, we need moderation. Once something starts becoming a burden and not fun anymore, there is something definitely wrong. I need some me time to sleep in, go drinking with my friends and not worry about triathlons or training for 2.5 seconds.

  • This is not where the magic is going to happen.

I sort of wish he didn’t say that. It’s all of my inner most fears coming to an ugly head. Hauth said at this point, nothing I am doing in training is going to make a difference. All the time I’ve put in the past few months is going to show at Ironman New Zealand, for better or worse. I feel so much more confident on the bike. I’ve been swimming more. I’ve been training in a completely different zone for running so I sort of have no idea where I stand in that aspect. But I’m scared to see how that is going to reflect in my performance at New Zealand.

SO….I am going to turn what he said on its head.

This is Not Where the Magic is Going to Happen.

I don’t care if New Zealand does not go exactly the way that I wanted it to. It’s going to be a learning experience, no matter what. I can use this race as a jumping off point as I go into training for my ultimate fantasy of qualifying for Kona at Ironman Lake Tahoe.

And who knows, maybe it will all go better than expected. You never know how a race is going to go or who is going to show up on race day or what the conditions are going to be. It is going to be its own, unique day regardless of me. So I have to believe in myself and maybe prove my coach wrong. I always loved a good challenge. Bring it on.


2 thoughts on “This is Not Where the Magic is Going to Happen

  1. OMG, New Zealand is amazing! You’re going to have such a good time! Good luck, and enjoy! 🙂 I totally understand the burnout, too. It’ll get better with some time off, I’m sure!

    • Thanks! I’m really looking forward to it. Wish I had more time to come down to Australia but that will just have to be another trip.
      I know it is natural to feel burnt out. Think that a much needed break should help things!

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