Holy Shift

ImageD getting ready for New Zealand. Looking super fly with her new Flos on.

Careening down Broadway in San Francisco, no helmet, rain gushing in my face, and people still in line for strip clubs at 6:30 in the morning. Quite the juxtaposition of me heading to a spin class at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning. My prescribed work out was to do a 6 hour bike ride. Just an fyi, you can’t ride your bike very well in a torrential downpour. So instead, I joined about 20 others for a 3 hour sweat fest spin class at Shift. P.S. Don’t EVER ride without a helmet. It’s just stupid. Just wear a freaking helmet, it will save your life.

I finally caved in and went to my first spin class at Shift last Wednesday at the request of my coach. Holy Shift, do they make you sweat. It’s a bit pricey ($35/class if you don’t get a package) but you are paying for what you get. There are fancy, schmancy bike computers that you can adjust the resistance on. Then, they give you nice, warm towels and fill your water bottle as many times as you want during the spin class. You can even valet your bike. Now that’s what I call full service.


How many sets of intervals can you do in 3 hours may you ask? Well, quite a bit actually. The majority of the work out was done at a 90+ cadence. My coach explained that during a spin work out, doing a higher cadence leads to a general fatigue over time. Plus, you are using more simple stored energy versus muscle energy. This is ultimately what you want to do in Ironman since it is so freaking long.

ImageBasically what the set up looks like at Shift.

Also on Saturday, I tried out Robert Irvine’s new Crunch bars for breakfast pre work out. There are 30 grams of protein packed into these bad boys. And they are solid, dense things but very tasty. It’s more like a caramelly cookie than a protein bar. This a nice change from the norm and something I would definitely recommend people trying out.


Here’s what the bars look like.


Basically, eat them if you want to look like this guy.

On Sunday, my work out was a practice triathlon. Here’s the breakdown of my work out Sunday:

1 hour swim-2 miles, felt a lot better than I was expecting

2 hour spin-My legs were toast from the day before. This spin included 5 sets of 5 minutes at zone 4 out of 5. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest or I was going to fall off my bike from the sheer loss of water weight yet again. Think I lost a good 5 pounds of water weight.

1 ½ hour run- Surprisingly, my legs did not feel as tired as when I was on the bike. Managed to put in a solid 10 miles at a zone 2 out of 5 effort level. Maybe my run isn’t as bad as I thought.

The Final Countdown:

10 days until I leave for New Zealand

19 days until the race


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