Put your Stress to the Test


Ever since I put the new Flos on my bike D (short for DeLorean), everything seems to have been going wrong. First spin class with the wheels on, pinch flat. Second spin class with the wheels on, D attempted to commit suicide and threw herself on the street outside of Shift in SF. It’s her first flesh wound, a nice little battle wound on the handlebars. Oh, and then guess what? Another pinch flat. Just what I want to happen right before I hop on a plane and fly across the world for this small little thing we call an Ironman. My worst nightmare is getting a flat….or multiple flats…during a race. Luckily, I’m getting in some extra practice changing tires from all these debacles which have been happening.

So now, after 3 trips to Sports Basement in 4 days, I got down to the bottom of things. There was a huge gash in the side of my tire. This is an instant equation for disaster and inevitable pinch flat after pinch flat for the rest of infinity. So now, $70 later there’s a spiffy new tire on my bike. But it doesn’t end there. Oh no. I found the culprit. My cat. Because when I went to take out D for the last big ride this past weekend before I leave, what did I discover? Bite marks on my gear shifters. My cat has been attacking my bike. Clearly, he’s jealous. I’ve been spending more time training for these triathlons than with him.

Just like for any race, you have the normal stress leading up to the event, getting everything ready, making sure you don’t lose your sh*t. And then I had a fun little addition to my stress. My car got broken into this weekend. A lovely little extra thing to throw into the mix and another unexpected cost. At least they didn’t get anything. It just sort of ruined my Sunday and threw off my training schedule.


And have I started packing yet? Pfft….that would have made things far too easy. I should be fine with another 2 or 3 or 5 trips to Sports Basement. I think.

The Final Countdown

Leaving for New Zealand….2 days

Race for Ironman New Zealand….10 days


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