After this weekend, I thought I was officially in taper mode for Ironman New Zealand. Then I looked at my coach’s plan for me over the next two weeks (pictured below). Not exactly what I was expecting. Flying over to NZ, we lose Friday, so apparently I am going to swim on the flight somehow, maybe in the lavatory. I talked to my coach and we moved that particular work out. However, even though the volumes of my works outs have slightly decreased, the overall amount of time on each work out is essentially the same as before. Wait, what? In my taper before Ironman Lake Tahoe this past fall, I was doing 20 minute bike rides and 15 minutes runs. Apparently not the case. Somehow I have to find a 3 hour bike route when I land in Auckland, extremely jet lagged. (If anyone has any suggestions, or is familiar with the area, please share.) Everything is just completely different this time around. I guess I just need to zip my mouth and see what happens.


My work out plan for the next two weeks…

A few days ago, I was browsing around Slowtwitch and an article regarding New Zealand caught my eye. It was regarding a fellow competitor Larisa Marsh. So I started reading. Big mistake. Turns out this girl took second place last year at Ironman New Zealand in the Female 25-29 age group in a speedy fast 10:15. No big deal. My stomach dropped. I read further. Even bigger mistake. She placed 6th at the friggin Ironman World Championships. To my utter dismay, she will be competing this year again in Ironman New Zealand.

My thoughts: well, there goes at least one of the slots to Kona. Because it’s the 30th Anniversary of IMNZ, there are 50 slots allocated to this race, and 2 specifically for my age group.

But, I just have to suck this all up and do my own race. Like I have said before, I can’t control the elements of race day, who shows up or the kind of race other people have. I have to be in control of my own race, my own destiny and just let what is going to happen, happen.

My goal is to do approximately a 1 hour swim, 6 hour bike and 3:50 marathon, putting me right around 11 hours with transitions. According to last year’s results, this would put me in 3rd place. But whatever is going to happen is going to happen. If I don’t put out there what I want to do, or what I think I am capable of, then it won’t happen. We all have that voice telling us what we can and can’t do. So I’m telling mine what I want to do.

So basically, on the swim start, I’m just going to do this and try to freak out the rest of my age group or just everyone.

Final Countdown:


Race: 9 days…


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