It’s Getting Real


I have officially arrived to the course of Ironman New Zealand! The past few days have been a whirlwind of fun. I probably did some things that I shouldn’t have like wine tasting or rock climbing up a water fall (nobody tell my coach) but hey, I like living on the edge a little. And nothing bad happened, right?

Today we arrived to Lake Taupo, where the race is being held. The lake is a lot bigger than I expected. And a lot windier! To keep the disc cover on my wheel or not, that tis the question.

My friend Katie and I went to check out the expo, got some schwag and dipped our wet suits in a cleansing bath so we don’t infect the lake with anything.

Tomorrow we are getting our race packets and then going for some further previews of the course.

Well, it’s time to go dip in the lake and then go for a run!

3 days until the race (in New Zealand time).



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