Back to the Grind


Over the past couple of weeks with my time off of training, I have been doing a little bit of self-reflection. After getting so much feedback from everyone, I had a nice big slice of humble pie and realized, that I did a lot better than I actually thought I did. My time at Ironman Lake Tahoe was 12:40.22 in September 2013. My first ever Ironman. And now, 5 months later I took off almost exactly an hour and a half of time to bring me down to 11:10.23 at Ironman New Zealand. I know you can factor in some of that for altitude and there being a significant difference in the elevation of climbing on the bike, but still, dang. That is a really significant amount of time to take off, not matter how you really look at it. I also went from a 4:02 marathon to a 3:47 marathon…in an Ironman.

My coach asked for an update and I gave him the race report you all saw last week with some more nutrition type details. After reviewing it, he had some questions for me: What was my best time for an Ironman? For my bike split? For my marathon? For my best ever half Ironman? My answer…everything at New Zealand. I did a personal best in everything. He then basically chastised me for having these extreme expectations. There is only so much a person can do at a time. I can only take off so much time in 5 months. There’s just this driving force inside of me to do better, to prove something. I just need to sit back a little bit, have faith in the training I am doing and be a little bit more gosh darn patient. Because I know I can do even better given the right amount of time. I set these expectations for myself and when I don’t reach them, I just drag myself through the ringer over and over. I need to realize what I did was a huge accomplishment and be happy about it. So there’s that.

On the brighter side, the past two weeks off of training whizzed by! Mainly because I spent the first week off, touring around New Zealand spreading the delight that is Fireball to the kiwis (sort of an ongoing joke with a few triathlon buddies). The past week back in the states has consisted mainly of me eating semi badly and getting lots of rest. Ok, and some more Fireball. But now, it’s time to get back to work.


My work outs for the next few weeks are revving me back up into training. The only planned work outs for this week are:


Tuesday-1 ½ hour easy spin


Thursday-1 hour easy run


Saturday-1 hour swim


Noticing a theme here? Lots of rest and easy, stretching out work outs. Which I am totally ok with. However, I guess that means I need to take my bike which is currently in the trunk of my car (in pieces), to get put back together again just like Humpty Dumpty…by tomorrow? Hmmm…I may need to swap some work outs.

And so begins the road to Ironman Lake Tahoe. Countdown: 6 months and 4 days.


2 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  1. Some people in your generation got medals for everything and expect nothing of themselves. You on the other hand push, push ,push. I love your journey!

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