Just Run.

Guess what guys? Guess what? I.get.to.run. I get to freaking RUN! Tomorrow. I can’t even believe it. It is just a little 30 minute run with 1 minute of running and then 1 minute of walking. But who cares? I get to run! And just in time to test out my new running shoes too!

ImageMy first pair of Brooks running shoes! Aren’t they beautiful?

Today I went to my second physical therapist appointment at Presidio Sports and Medicine. In just the past few days, I can already feel my leg and knee getting better. On Friday, it felt like both my legs were covered in bruises (and there actually were a few) but each day my legs are getting stronger and hurting less. It’s just foam rolling, taking anti-inflammatories, icing and repeat, repeat, repeat!

The physical therapist I worked with today was a bit more conservative in his evaluation than the one I had last week and he said that this whole process may take up to 6-8 weeks. But how I’m feeling, I don’t think that is going to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to listen to the doctor’s orders and keep doing my core and strengthening exercises (because, I really should be doing them anyways). I may even get to run in this air bubble where they can adjust your weight on your feet and then evaluate your run to see what is causing the problem. I told the guy he would have a field day with my run. I’m not really that graceful but it works for me. My  stiff body, little tiny steps and my 100+ rpm got me to a 3:47 marathon but I definitely don’t want this happening again. And maybe it will make me faster!

ImageMy new torture device to help strengthen my quads, hips and glutes!

In conclusion, I get to run and I may pee myself from the pure joy and excitement! Hope everyone got to be out in the beautiful weather this weekend and get some training in. There’s really no excuse not to. It’s going to be an awesome summer of training and races, I can feel it!



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