Tri-ing to Date: Top 8 Truths of Dating a Triathlete


The most adorable triathlete couple of all time, Miranda Carfrae and Tim O’Donnell.

Last week, I came across an article about dating a triathlete here.

Although the article had some truths and hilarious points, I want to delve further into the top 8 truths in the life of dating a triathlete.

  1. There is always a pile of dirty laundry in a triathlete’s life. We work out way too much, and have way too much going on in our lives to stay on top of the endless pile of spandex and tech shirts.
  2. During the week, by the time we get off work, get in our work out (sometimes the second work out of a day) we are freaking starving. Although many of us try to maintain a healthy eating style, we want food, and we want it right now after a long work out. Also note: hangry [hane-gree] adjective-being so hungry you are actually angry. This is what happens when a triathlete does not get their food in a timely manner.
  3. The true triathlete may have figured out that it is not awesome to smell like eau de chlorine or make out with a pool. More than one person I have been out with after a swim has commented on “What’s that chlorine smell?” Don’t be that triathlete. Pro tip: carry extra deodorant and mouth wash in your swim bag.
  4. More than likely in a relationship, a triathlete is going to pick a work out over going out to dinner and drinks or just simply hanging out. On weekends, the life of a triathlete is spent going to bed early, waking up early, doing hours of long work outs and then stuffing our face afterwards. This takes a lot of dedication and time. This doesn’t mean we are anti-social or don’t want to hang out. We just can’t possibly do it all in one day. And we chose this lifestyle for a reason.
  5. Along that vein, triathlete’s love socializing, but we also covet our long work outs and solitude. Even during a group work out, we are not together 24/7 gabbing about the other triathlete drama in our lives. That is typically the first 30 minutes of a ride, and then you break off on your own. Just knowing there are other people around is enough sometimes.
  6. We spend basically all of our money on gadgets and races for triathlons. No you don’t need to know what a derailluer hanger is or which goggles don’t leak or what the new Hoka One One’s are, that’s totally ok. But if you can decipher the language of triathletes, you are likely dipping your toes in the addictive lifestyle of becoming a triathlete or at least being the #1 cheerleader for your triathlete significant other.
  7. Bonus points if you are a massage therapist, physical therapist or nutritionist. We all need a little TLC in our lives, but especially triathletes. If you can help stick us and roll out our IT Band, we will be yours forever.
  8. Once you are a triathlete or in love with a triathlete, you are in for life.

Do you have any more tips on tri-ing to date?




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