Race Day Pet Peeves

This past weekend, I went to support my best friend, Julia, and other past Team and Training friends at the Escape from Alcatraz. As I sat in the bleachers watching people cross the finish line, there were some things I reflected on and realized that are some of my race day pet peeves.

  1. When people wear the race gear from the expo for the race. Sorry, but you’re not allowed to wear the Escape From Alcatraz tri kit during the race, because well, you haven’t finished the race yet! Not to mention that very familiar mantra that is ingrained into our tri brains, “Nothing new on race day.” Can you say chafing? Ouch.
  1. That annoying team who are not considerate at all. You know who I am talking about. There’s always that one team that just seems like its full of  jerks. And it might just be a generalization because one person passed you on the right side during the bike and cut you off, and another person from their same team also ran you over repeatedly during the swim. It just happens, but sometimes it’s hard not to take that stuff personally.
  1. That person who passes you in the finish chute. You’re chugging along at your race pace, feeling the glory as you are about to cross over that finish line, and all of a sudden, someone comes sprinting up behind you and ruins your race photo and your moment to shine. (I may or may not be one of those people. #yougotchicked)


  1. The person who is doused in sunscreen and looks like the walking dead. I know it’s for protection from the sun but sorry not sorry, you look like a zombie.

55 Guy Covered In White Goo

  1. I’ve mentioned this before but it is probably my ultimate pet peeve of all time is the person cheering who yells “You’re almost there!” Unless I can see the finish line and it’s less than a 200 yards away, don’t even say this. Better yet, just don’t ever say it.


What are your race day pet peeves?


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