Moving sucks

Life has been crazy, maybe as always. Over the past month, I had been scrambling to find an apartment, and at the last minute, my dream apartment came through, in my ideal neighborhood of San Francisco: North Beach. Hello, pizza! A triathlete has to carbo load, right? But I had to travel to Atlanta for work over the last week of June, only giving me the weekend to completely pack up and move. I donated as much stuff as possible, downsizing from exorbitant amounts of closet space to a teeny, tiny hallway closet and a built in book shelf in my new room in San Francisco.  After one of the hottest, record breaking heat waves in my recent memory for San Francisco, paper cuts, sore arms, a 3 floor walkup with no elevator, a mini break down, and with the help of some incredible friends, I found myself in the city I had never wanted to live in. That’s right, never. The truth is, I’m not really a city girl. I like wide, open spaces, real grocery stores, being able to drive my car, and I’m a really light sleeper so the constant traffic, street cleaning and sound of the tug boats in the middle of the night really isn’t my thing. But no way in hell am I a country girl either. I’m just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world…you know it. But I was drawn to living in the city and having the “full experience while I’m still young”. So really, here goes nothin’.

Then, just a few short days in my new place, I had to jump back on a plane and go back over to the East Coast again, but this time to Philly for the 4th of July weekend. Let me tell you, my body is not happy with me. I don’t know when bed time is, or what meal I should be eating when I wake up, and I really have been hallucinating on what time it is. I set my alarm for a 6 am work out on Wednesday in Atlanta, slept through it and woke up at 8:45, and just barely made it to work.

So life has been crazy and I haven’t been getting in all the working out that I should be at this point in my training. I had a talk with my coach, and he ensured me that there is still time to train effectively for Tahoe. My run is coming back, at an exponential rate and it’s really, freaking exciting. This weekend is Death Ride and I am terrified. I did it last year, but I just don’t feel confident going into it this weekend. Last year, it was the turning point in my season where I first realized that ‘Hey, I can actually do an Ironman.’ But this year is linked more to something akin of dread. Part of it is mental, but I’m also not nearly in shape where I want to be right now. So 3 passes, 5 passes, handing out beers to other teammates? Who knows. But you do get ice cream at the top of the 5th mountain….


Last year at the top of the 5th hill.


2 thoughts on “Moving sucks

  1. I used to live in North Beach! At the corner of Lombard and Grant. Now Jesse and I live on the border of North Beach/Russian Hill. We love the area! Even though you’re not much of a city girl, the block I used to live on was really quiet.

    • I’m getting used to it! It is surprisingly pretty quiet for the city. I am a block away from the police station, so I think that helps. The apartment I am in is just an old Victorian and I’m getting used to all the creaks and noises haha. But I am really enjoying it. And I love that I can just step out of my apt and go for a run or a ride. It’s a great neighborhood!

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