10 Day Challenge


After having so much fun doing #100happydays, I want to do another challenge. So this one is another popular one circumnavigating the internet. It is 10 days, of 10 blogs, of various things about your life.

Day 1: 10 Secrets

1. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.


2. The texture of mayonnaise freaks me out.


3. I want to swim across the English Channel.


4. If I could be anyone, I would be Anthony Bourdain. He gets paid to travel the world and eat everything possibly imaginable. Where do I sign up?


5. I want to be fluent in another language.


6. Tomatoes gross me out but I will eat them in bruschetta, caprese salad, salsa and other similar things. I don’t know why.


7. I still really miss Galway and my friends from studying abroad.


8. I am a cat lady.


9. I could live solely on sushi.


10. Sometimes I am scared Tahoe was my one shot at qualifying for Kona, and I will never get there again. But then I train harder.


What is your secret?


4 thoughts on “10 Day Challenge

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