Is Too Much Good News a Bad Thing?

So many good things have happened in the last week that I am sort of starting to wonder whose life this is and how this can all be happening so quickly…

First-It’s 2 months out until Ironman Lake Tahoe! Oh, crap.


The swim start last year in Tahoe.

Next-I have been looking into requirements for becoming a USAT certified coach (USA Triathlon for those who do not know). They said that they look for applicants with experience in the field and also being involved in councils or committees. So I found out that California is considered to be in the Southwest Region, sent an email off to their administrator and almost immediately heard back that they were having a meeting the very next day, they were going to ask how I could get involved and have me apply….fate?

Some other very exciting news is that I somehow, accidentally sent an email to a Head Coach for a swimming program at a Division 1 School and somehow finagled an interview for an assistant swim coach position. The Coach said my ears must have been burning because they just happened to be looking for an assistant coach when he got my email. I am going to be keeping the location under wraps until I know more about the opportunity. Is this real life? Why is this happening to me?

I also have heard back from the same school about getting involved with their triathlon club and possibly another coaching position for their cycling team. Does this really happen to people? Why is this happening to me?

Today, I got my brand, spanking new Roka wet suit. I am so excited to try it out this weekend at the Full Vineman Aquabike. My bib number is my birthday 1016, fate again? You can follow me or other athletes participating in the event here: Last year I got 2nd place in my age group and a very fancy bottle of wine (which I still have not had the pleasure of sampling….perhaps this weekend).


Last year with my wine bottle trophy.

But most importantly, one of my bestest friends in the whole, wide world, my very own Katiepants, will be competing in the full Vineman this weekend. After narrowly missing the bike cut off at Ironman New Zealand, Katie has re-dedicated herself to another 5 months of training for an Ironman and will be finally accomplishing her dream. I can’t wait to see her out there, coming in on her very last loop, running alongside her and giving her the Vineman medal, just as she did for me last year after my first Ironman in Lake Tahoe. There are no words to describe how proud I am of Katie for all the sacrifices she has made over the last year to follow her dreams and make them a reality. It takes serious guts to train for an Ironman. It takes something else, a whole lot deeper, to do it again. I know you are going to do amazing out there on Saturday, Katie! You will be an Ironman!


Katie giving me my medal after Ironman Lake Tahoe last year.

Good luck to everyone else competing at Vineman, Barb’s Race, the Aquabike or Ironman Whistler this weekend. Remember-YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU KNOW.

For anyone interested in taking the plunge and getting a Roka wet suit, I have a discount code for 10% off. Follow my blog and message me for details! Contact info is on my contact page or email me at

P.S. Somebody pinch me right now.


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