Ironman Heartbreak


Sunrise on race day.

What a weekend it has been. As I walked down to the race start yesterday, 3 minutes before the gun went off for the start of Ironman Lake Tahoe, they announced that due to the smoke from the King Fire, that the race was cancelled. There’s currently 87,00 acres burning and it’s only 18% contained. It’s the first time they have ever cancelled an Ironman on the day of the race. Most people were shocked, disappointed, and heartbroken. Mostly, I just felt relief. No words can describe how sorry I am to all the people who were about to embark upon their own unique Ironman journeys. Not all were so lucky to have already completed one. What I can say is that you have the potential to do an Ironman and no one can take that away from you. They cannot take all your hard work, dedication, time and sweat you put into preparing for this day. It’s just one day. You can be an Ironman and no matter what it takes, if you want to make it happen, it will.

Most importantly, I need to thank my IronCrew for coming to support me this weekend. Mom, for taking care of all the shopping, lots of cooking and sherpaiing. Katiepants, for securing the sweet pad we stayed in, making the best banana and chocolate chip pancakes and for her amazing skills in her drinking cape! Julia, for making the best signs ever and for providing comic relief to everyone. Matt, for coming all the way from Indiana, and calming me down when I was a mess. Terri, for making the long trek up to see me even after the race was cancelled. Virginia, for coming all the way to Tahoe despite the smoke! Dad, for coming up to the lake twice and for breakfast after the race was cancelled . And to everyone else who came up to support all the athletes.

My Ironcrew:



With that, it is my decision to take a step back from the Ironman distance. As you all know, I have recently moved across the country and decided to embark on a new career path as a swim coach. With this, I have also decided to start training with my new coach, Craig Paement. Craig is a highly educated and experienced coach, and he also happens to coach the 2014 Olympic Distance World Champion, Ian Boggs. I am excited to train with Craig and get some seriously valuable one on one coaching and on the other hand, get to train with some really fast people in group work outs. I really need to reignite my passion for training and get back to a constructive schedule. Ever since my knee injury back in March from Ironman New Zealand, I really lost my confidence in what I was doing. It seriously made me doubt what I was doing and what I was capable of accomplishing. I need to realize that I can do this, and I think Craig is the person who can push me to my full potential.

Together, we are going to lay out an effective training plan to build some speed back into my work outs and really improve on everything. Not only swimming, biking, and running, but transitions, nutrition, core, testing and so much more that I have never had access to before. I am excited for this opportunity and what will happen next.

With the cancellation of Ironman Lake Tahoe, athletes were given a few options to have a credit towards another race. So I have decided to compete in Ironman Coeur D’Alene 2015! I’m going to dial my training back and focus on some speed and then ramp back up next year. It’s not in the cards for me right now to dig in and do more training at Ironman volume. I’ve been in Ironman training mode since May 2013. I’m freaking exhausted and I need a break and some fun!

Thanks for a memorable weekend! And remember kids, don’t play with fire.

Truckee on the day of my race:


Apparently I moved to Indiana

What up world?! It’s been a while! Apparently I moved to Indiana. And apparently I am an assistant swim coach at Indiana University. Things have been nonstop go, go, go since I quit my job, drove across the country and started a new life in Bloomington, IN.


Just a quick recap. I got the opportunity of a life time to coach at a Division 1 swimming program with no prior experience. I accepted the job August 12, put in my two weeks notice and my last day of work was August 22. I packed up my entire apartment and gave a ton of stuff away. If you want to really see what is important to you, move across the country. When you have to shove everything you own into one little car, the important things are the bare necessities. I left from my beloved San Francisco and everything I knew on Sunday August 25th. First, I drove back to good old Nevada where I am originally from and picked up my lovely sister who volunteered to be a car with me for 4 straight days. She obviously didn’t know what she was getting herself into.


We left on the 25th for Provo, Utah where I got to spend some time with one of my best friends from high school and her hubby, Sarah and Sam. Then, on Tuesday we were off to Denver, CO. This drive was breathtaking! But also really rainy. And we had a near death experience when our windshield was completely covered in a splash of water from another car speeding by. Luckily, my sister kept control while she was driving and let our Tiny Jesus companion take the wheel. On Wednesday, we crashed with one of my sister’s best friends in Lawrence, Kansas. Apparently, this is the gateway to hell according to some local stories and also Sam and Dean Winchester. Then it was finally to Bloomington, IN on Thursday, my new home! Phew! We spent roughly 10 hours in the car a day with all the pit stops and diners, drive-ins and dives.

10615584_10202605933452548_9043447785797556676_nProvo, UT


Denver, CO


And a whole lotta this in Kansas.

However, our journey was not over. The very next day, Friday the 29th, my sister and I flew back to Reno in order to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday! I promised her a year ago that I would be there no matter what, and I kept my promise. It was a great day!

momCelebrating my mom!

And finally, I flew back to Indiana for good, bright and early at 6:00 am on Tuesday, September 2 to start a new life. And I was thrown right into the mayhem. We had high school recruits flying in from all over the country to preview Indiana as their choice for college. Apparently, high school juniors must commit to a school in the fall of their junior year or they are SOL. It was my responsibility to learn 70 new names, pretend I knew what I was doing and recruit 12 high schoolers all at the same time. A tall order. After 3 straight 12 hours days, I passed out and took a well deserved 3 hour nap.

1937498_10202671010439432_8085182525781048157_nPart of my job is being able to watch the sunrise over the pool every morning.

If this was all not enough, I’ve been doing my best to squeeze in enough training for Ironman Lake Tahoe which is in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!!!! 11 days to be exact. How did that happen?? Everyone has been asking me, ‘Are you still going to do Tahoe? Are you still going to do Tahoe?’ The answer is YES. I’m not a chicken shit. I’m not going to lie about the fact that I am more scared than I have been for an Ironman, but I think it’s going to be ok. It may not be the race of my life and I may not qualify for Kona as planned, but I am going to try my best.

If you are interested in seeing the route my sister and I took, you can see it here. Thank you so much for our wonderful hosts with the mostest Sarah, Sam and Jakob! And I will see some of you in Tahoe next week! The Adventure continues…