The C Word


Something you think about from time to time, feel sympathy for, not understand, something that happens to other people and their loved ones but not something that could ever really happen to you. Wrong.

A couple weeks ago, I went into the doctor’s office for a normal check up, no big deal. Then I had some test results come back as abnormal. The doctor calls me up and says “It could be cancer.” I’m 26. I am extremely active, healthy, have never had any major medical issues, this couldn’t be happening to me.

They referred me to a specialist. My appointment was this morning. Uncomfortable, terrifying, horrifying that this was actually, really happening.

The initial prognosis is pre-cancerous cells. They took biopsies and sent them off to the lab. Hopefully they will be back by friday. If it is something, it is in the very early stages. But even if it’s not cancer now, it can potentially turn into it later. Or it could all clear up on its own and go away.

I’ve never understood what it was like to have something uncontrollable in your life until now. It’s not something I can see or feel yet, but it’s still there. Never really guessed this would happen to me or I guess so early in my life. But I guess cancer doesn’t really take that into account.

I don’t understand why this happening. There is still so much more in my life that I have left to do. I’m not done living yet, whatever the results may be. I’ve never been one to ask for people to send positive thoughts my way, but if you could, please do. I know I have my family, friends and Team in Training community behind me in this.


4 thoughts on “The C Word

  1. I love all of you! Every single cell I will pray so hard that God will be with us on this journey. You continue to amaze me in the graceful way you handle your life. We will laugh and cry together. There are so many treatments, but for now we will feel the pain. I wish I could protect you.

  2. A pre-cancer is not cancer. I am reading between the lines here, but (if it what I think it is), it will likely clear on it’s own and simply needs to we watched. More advanced cases can be treated before pre-cancer becomes cancer. The whole point of screening is to detect lesions that COULD become cancer if it is not detected. It sounds like you are in good hands and that you will have the strength to face whatever comes your way. It is terrifying, but complete cure without treatment is the norm, and minimal treatment the rest of the time. You will be in my thoughts, but I am confident that you will competing for decades to come…

    • Thank you. And yes, you may be right. But the pre-cancer is what they can see but the biopsy will give us the results. Trying to stay positive but it’s a very scary thing. It will be ok. And I know I have many more races left to do and other things in this world. Thanks do your kind words.

      • True, the biopsy will give a lot more info. But I expect the news to be good. I am a family doctor with close to 20 years experience. I have seen and diagnosed a lot of “C” words in my career. Breaking the news to patients are among the hardest days of my career. Patients always ask for their prognosis the moment we find something, and I usually do not have enough information to give them even an educated guess. There are some cases when I know with certainty that the news will be bad. And there are times that I can tell someone with confidence that everything will be alright. This is one of those times. You may need a minor surgical procedure, and you will need closer follow up, but you will be ok. Yes, there are no guarantees in medicine, and I have very limited information here, but I am very confident that you will be just fine. I know this probably doesn’t help much. The “what if” is still there, and situations like this make us realise for the first time that we are mortal (I was dealing with chest pains awhile back and had a stress test. I was chalking the symptoms to stress. I was in my mid 30’s…there was no way it was cardiac. I knew that. But I was scared waiting for the final results. So, in a way, I do get it…). Please keep us posted. Hope to see you at a race someday. Would be a privilege to say that I got chicked… 😉

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