2015: The Year of World Championships

Hello Friends and Family-

I hope this New Year’s Eve finds you well and happy, setting new goals for the year 2015 and enabling yourself to follow through with them.

This year, for me, saw some of the highest highs and the very lowest low. From west coast to east coast, from legal assistant to swim coach, from life to death, and more. From this year, more than any other, I have learned to appreciate life. Things don’t happen the way we plan, but you just have to roll with it and see what happens. Ultimately, life leads you to where you are meant to be if you let it.

For 2015, I have some personal resolutions to better myself.
1. Going for another round of sober January.
2. Eat primarily vegetarian throughout the week.
3. Put myself out there and make more friends in Indiana.
4. Qualify in at least one World Championship event whether it be Olympic, Half Ironman or Full Ironman (or dare I say all of them).

Whatever next year brings, I want to do whatever it takes to fulfill my capability in triathlon. I think this is definitely in the realm of possibilities if I really dedicate myself to making this dream of mine come true.

To everyone out there, I wish you only the best in the New Year. Smile and be content that you can go out there every day and do at least one thing you love. If you don’t have something to get you excited to wake up every day, then make changes to make this happen. I promise, it will change your life. Even better, make that one thing you love into a career if at all possible.

2014 thanks for the life changes but I’m ready to make things happen in 2015. Cheers!