Catching Up

Hello friends, family and followers!

Wow! It has been a super long time since I last posted. After last year’s cancer scare, I have been busy living life in the present and enjoying every opportunity that has been presented to me. In the last couple months, I have been grinding away at my training, successfully completed my first season as a Division 1 swim coach, and survived my first Midwest winter (which is no easy feat). However, it is time to end my radio silence and get back into things. So here it goes…

In less than 2 weeks, I will be competing in my first race of the season: Ironman New Orleans 70.3! This is my first half ironman since 2013 which was Wildflower, and not really your typical half iron distance. If you want one of the most challenging races of your life, then Wildflower is definitely a contender. Be prepared for scorching temps, one of the most rigorous bike courses of your life, and all topped off with a trail run that is more like a hike. Yet, at the same time it also one of the most fun triathlons you will ever compete in because of the Woodstock type atmosphere. Sometimes, you just have to soak up the experience and this is one of those times.

My only other half ironman besides Wildflower, was only the second race I ever competed at Big Kahuna in Santa Cruz, CA. My PR in this half ironman was 6:21. It seems so long ago since I did this race so I really have no idea what New Orleans will bring. My goal time is 4:46, a far cry from my last race. This breaks down to a 27 minute swim, 2:33 bike, and a 1:41 run (along with some change for transitions). With all the training these past couple years, I think this is definitely plausible. In my heart of hearts, I have a stretch goal of finishing in the top 3 amateur females and some other numbers in my head that I would love to accomplish. If things go according to how I hope they will, I will reveal what these numbers are in my post race write up. There really is nowhere to go but up, so we will see what happens! What I am really looking forward to is car pooling down with my coach Craig and my friend Brad, who are also both competing in the race. We have a little bet brewing between the 3 of us about who is going to do the best. It should be a good race and the loser gets to buy the first round of hurricanes!

In other news, I have become the new Volunteer Coordinator with and the growing movement for #50womentokona. For those who do not know what this is, at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, there are 50 spots for men at the professional level, but only 35 for women of the professional level. Just right there, you should pick up on what is wrong with this equation. I could go on for an entire blog about this, and will do so in my next post.

One of the most exciting things that has happened recently, was something I never imagined happening in my wildest dreams. Last week, after receiving my first Smashfest Queen purchase a #50womentokona tank top, I posted a picture to Instagram and Twitter not really thinking much of it. Well as things turned out, the very next day I got my position with Triequal and received an email from none other than the Smashfest co-founder herself, Hillary Biscay! She asked for my permission to use the photo on the Smashfest website. My response: of course! *Cue Pharrel Williams Song “Happy” and lots of jumping around dancing like a crazy person. If you would like to purchase the tank, you can do so here, or you can just go see my lovely mug taking a stand for all the triathlon ladies out there and equality for all!


Email from the lady herself!

Life is pretty damn good right now, just in time for spring, lots of training and to kick off the triathlon season right! If you have any questions about how to get involved with #50womentokona, please feel free to contact me directly or got to and volunteer. Hope to see some of you soon!


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