The Big “Easy”


Last year at Ironman New Orleans

This weekend kicks off my 2016 season with my return to Ironman New Orleans 70.3. Last year, I snagged my first age group win at this race (you can read about that here).

This year is a little bit different. My main focus is on Ironman Texas in exactly one month from today. So New Orleans this year is going to be a “B race” for me, if there is such a thing. It’s hard for me to get into that mentality because of my competitive nature, but I want to focus on the end game. This doesn’t mean I’m going to go slow, it just means that this race is going to be more controlled. If I win, if I PR, if I have a terrible day, it’s all in the grand scheme of getting to Kona.

My main goal this year is to have a better run split. In the past, I have been a strong runner but last year in my training, I was uber focused on the bike and I think it took a while for my run legs to catch up with me. But this year,  I’m running faster than I ever have before.

Last weekend, I was the overall female winner for the Coastal 10 miler. Everyone keeps saying great job, and it was awesome, but that was in preparation for New Orleans this weekend. Everything is interconnected in a plan I have laid out with my coach Craig for the entire season. Now I think I have a pretty good grasp of how far I can push myself on the run. I’m most excited to see what happens there.

So my lofty goals this year are to:

Swim more competitively. The course was a little short last year, so who knows if it will be the same or the actual 1.2 miles.

Bike sub 2:35. The weather is predicting 16-25 mile an hour winds, so this could get really interesting.

Run a 1:35 half marathon. This would be a PR by about 10 minutes.

My time overall goal time is sub 4:45.

As always, I have some stretch goals for myself, but I will let you know if those goals are met ;).

Please track me and send me your cheers. I’m so unbelievably excited yet nervous to get out there. Last year was just the beginning. This year is where the magic is really going to happen. Thank you all so much from my heart to yours for your continued support. I think about you when I am training, when I am racing and what I am dreaming of next…

Extra shout outs to my sponsors this year Coeur Sports and Base Performance! I can’t wait to wear my Coeur Sports kit because it’s so unbelievably comfortable and looks freaking awesome. I will also be rockin’ my Base trucker hat and using Base salt during the race. It’s finger licking good. I get to meet people from both teams this weekend and am beyond thrilled. See you all out there! And extra special shout out to Brad for taking the DeLorean all the way down to New Orleans. You do best!




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