Stronger than Yesterday


As the days pass by and Kona inches closer and closer, these past few weeks have draaaaagged by. I can’t wait to be on the Big Island, driving down the Queen K, swimming in the ocean at Dig Me Beach, eating Da Poke Shack, and experiencing my first Ironman World Championship!!

I started making a packing list and checking it twice, because my track record with remembering things for races isn’t always the best (cough, Racine, cough, Garmin, cough). I fly out next Saturday. I’ll land in Kona on Sunday then it’s straight for the beach. Got my toes in the water, tush in the sand, you know what I am talking about.

I am sure the nerves are going to hit me at some point, but right now I am a calm and cool cucumber. In the past couple of weeks during key work outs, I am amazed at how different I feel in preparation for this Ironman than the past 4 and 2/3 IM’s. I don’t even feel like the same person who was prepping last year for Ironman Lou. I pray to Madame Pele that she is kind and welcoming on race day. In my heart, I have expectations for race day. But you never know what race day will bring or who will show up or if you are going to get German’ed.

What is really going to make me emotional is all the support I have received throughout this journey. My crew that is coming with me to Kona, you can’t know what it means to me that you will be there. Matt, Craig, Mom, Julia, Dad and Ellen. Also, a shout out to my God Mother Bam who won’t be joining us on the island because of extenuating circumstances but I know you will be there with us in spirit! When I see you out there on the course, I may just start bawling because I love y’all so much. I am thrilled to be representing Coeur and to be able to race with all these brave and strong women. To be counted as one of these inspirational women is an incredible honor. My Argon 18 bike Lil’ Sebastian, has been prepping all summer long for the ride of our lives together. We will be flying through the lava fields in style. TYR hooked a sistah up with a sick new Swim Skin that is lit. Can’t wait to test it out and go searching for turtles. Base Salt is going to be my life line out there in the heat. Looking forward to hearing the Base Salt Tent before I even see it.

Then it will be on to Ali’i Drive….the moment I have whispered under my breath and envisioned in my mind over and over. I hope time will slow down for just a fraction of a second as one foot falls in front of the other on the red carpet and silence will sweep over the crowd and it will just be me and the finish line drawing close to one another until we intersect and I cross over the threshold at the moment where my dream becomes a reality.


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